Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mashiach the son of David will not come until the pocket will be empty of even the smallest coin

וזהו שאמרו רז״ל: אין ישראל נגאלין אלא בצדקה

And this is what our Sages, of blessed memory, meant by saying that7 “Israel will be redeemed only through charity.”

שיעשו גם אם יהיו פטורים מדינא

[This refers to the charity] that they will perform even if they are legally not obligated,

כי אין בן דוד בא כו׳

for8 “[Mashiach] the son of David will not come [until the pocket will be empty of even the smallest coin].”

I.e., even if (Heaven forfend) there will not be a solitary coin left in one’s pocket, tzedakah will still be given. And it is this boundless level of tzedakah that secures a complete atonement for the sins of our people, after which9 “they will immediately be redeemed.”

The Rebbe explains that the Alter Rebbe does not conclude the above-mentioned quotation about the precondition for the coming of Mashiach because it is quite possible that he did not want to write out the last words (viz., “until the pocket will be empty of even the smallest coin”); and this precondition of the Sages can be fulfilled on the spiritual level, by conducting oneself with the humility of the destitute.

This could also explain why the Alter Rebbe does not say...כשיהיו (“when they are legally not obligated”), but rather...אם יהיו (“if they are legally not obligated”).

7. See above, Epistle 9, footnote 16.
8. Sanhedrin 97a.
9. Rambam, Hilchot Teshuvah 7:5.

From: Lessons in Tanya

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How will we make money in Moshiach times?

Thought this was interesting from Kuntres Umaaon Maamamor 25, Chapter 1.
It says that God will bless you in all that you do.
Says Sifri, does this mean that if he sits with folded hands and does nothing God will help him? So the Torah says in that that you do. A person has to do and then God will help him.

This is a difference between the days of exile with its avodas haberurim and the future day of the Moshiach. In the times of Moshiach God's material blessing will flow down without the need to prepare a vessel for one's sustenance. But in the days of exile man has to work himself to prepare the instrument for his sustenance.

anyhow that all I wanted to say for now, enjoy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He Answered With a Nod - A Miracle Story about Moshiach's Coming in 5769 or 5770.

I am surprised that I haven't seen this story published on the internet even though it has been published for almost a year now. I am sure many people will find it very interesting with all the news about Moshiach's coming in the year 5769 and 5770.

Story taken from:
Miracles And Amazing Stories In Our Times, Volume XII, Number 12

He Answered With a Nod

note: the original publication checks all stories for authenticity.

The Shabbos between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur (known as Shabbos Shuvah), the fifth day of Tishrei 5769, October 4, 2008 became even more unique after the most incredible dream of Rabbi Yosef Feldman's.

During the afternoon of that Shabbos when he dozed off, he saw in a dream a fellow Chasid, Rabbi Zev Simons OB”M who passed away along with his wife in a tragic car accident approximately eight months before.

In his dream, Zev requested a favor of Rabbi Feldman. Puzzled, Rabbi Feldman queried, but you are not alive anymore. Zev acknowledged this to be true but nevertheless, he asked Rabbi Feldman to go to Zev's house and make a Minyan there. But, Rabbi Feldman responded the house had been sold. Zev informed him that that if has not been sold yet, it is in the process. Rabbi Feldman further questioned, how he can get into the house, surely it must be locked. To which Zev replied, “don't worry, you'll be able to get in”.

Now, Rabbi Feldman had some questions of his own and proceeded to ask of Zev, “When is Moshiach coming?” and Zev's immediate response was “in approximately a year”. Rabbi Feldman asked further “and is the Rebbe Moshiach?” Zev did not answer verbally, but nodded with his head. And with that the dream ended.

The following day, Rabbi Feldman decide to go to the Simon's house and see what will transpire. As he reached the house, true to Zev's word, the door was open and there was a South African Jewish family living there. Rabbi Feldman approached the gentleman and inquired whether he was the owner of the house. The man responded that they were in the process of buying the house but at the moment the sale has not been completed.

Rabbi Feldman proceeded to tell him of this dream and the request of Zev Simons OB”M concluding with his request t fulfill Zev's wish. The man was agreeable to allow the Minyan in his home and took part in it as well.

Rabbi Feldman arranged the Minyan during which they said Kaddish, learned Mishnayos for the benefit of the departed and gave charity as well on their behalf.

During his conversation with the gentleman of the house, Rabbi Feldman was informed that these people did not know the Simon's nor of their tragedy. Yet when they had a little boy, whose Bris took place the day after the accident, by divine providence they name their son Menachem Zev.

Moshiach Now!!!