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Napoleon Hill talks about his meeting with Andrew Carnegie


Here is YOUR ticket to geula, redemption, freedom, ultimate PEACE. This secret has been sealed for thousands of years, only to be revealed now in the time of geula. For the honor of Lag B'Omer coming up next week. The holy Zohar explains, that we have the choice of how to live our lives and we choose our reality. "In the 600th year of the 6th millennium [1840 CE] the supernal gates of wisdom will be opened [the spreading of Zohar, Chasidut and the inner dimension of Torah],
and also the wellsprings of wisdom below [the Industrial Revolution and
technological advances like radio, Boolean Algebra (which led to the
possibility of computers), the locomotive, telephone etc.]. (

Justice for Shalom Rubashkin - watch this short video

Justice for Shalom Rubashkin - watch this short video

With Hashem's help let us all celebrate the release of Shalom Rubashkin to his family today!

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A Moshiach Story

His Name is Chayim

The Chumash with the commentary of Rabbi Chayim ben Attar entitled Or HaChayim was printed in Shklov in the year 5545 [1745] - with two typographical errors.
  1. In the passage which speaks of the sotah, a woman suspected of adultery, there is a verse that says, v'amrah ha'ishah amen amen - "And the woman shall say, Amen, Amen." In the course of his commentary, the author of Or HaChayim cites the interpretation of the Sages on this dual oath - that she has not transgressed "by this man or by another man" - and concludes his paraphrase with the word mei'achar ("by another"). In the above-mentioned edition, this word is replaced by the wordmei'asher.
  2. There is a verse which begins, ki yiheyeh evyon - "If there should be a needy man among you...." Expounding on the level of derush, the author of Or HaChayim relates this verse to the yearning ofMashiach to redeem Israel, and concludes with the words, Mashiach Hashem, sh'mo Chayim - "G-d's anointed one: his name is Chayim." In the above-mentioned edition, the last two Hebrew words are omitted.
These two printing errors have a history. In fact, they are connected.
As is well known, the author of Or HaChayim believed that his soul was a spark of the soul of Mashiach, and one of the allusions to this belief which he inserted in his writings is the above mention of his own name. Now the publisher of this edition was a clandestine adherent of the "Enlightenment" movement by the name of Asher. The above allusion to the coming of Mashiach ruffled the disbelief of this maskil, so, while alone in the printing house, he deleted the words, sh'mo Chayim - "his name is Chayim."
An old tradition recounts that the saintly author of Or HaChayim in Gan Eden sensed this at once, and decided: "Since this scoundrel has deleted my name from my book, I will insert his name there instead!"
Then and there, the letter ches in the above-quoted oath of the wayward woman was miraculously substituted by the letter shin, so that the word mei'acher ("by another man") now read mei'asher...
A very short while later, a woman brought to the Rabbinical Court of Shklov on an adultery charge duly confessed: mei'asher - " Asher!"
Transmitted by oral tradition

source : From Exile to Redemption - Volume 2

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my thoughts on America

i am not a Rav or a great learned person or anything like that but it disturbs me to see all the anti-America, Yidden leave the US articles that I see around this part of the blogosphere.  America gets compared to Germany of the thirties and forties. I think that these are false claims, jumpings to conclusions, histaria and same old Yiddish reactionary mindset. Yes if G-d wants that the US should turn against yidden, G-d forbid then it would be so. But why would G-d want that? Do Jews know a G-d who wants to hurt them and make them suffer? G-d forbid? No, G-d is Merciful and kind to all especially his One Nation on earth. Historically I think that the argument makes no sense either. The world in the forties was a G-dless world. America is a G-d fearing country with morality ingrained in the society from its founding. I heard once from a Mashpia that the Rebbe once said, that had the Jews in Europe been involved in spreading the shevat mitvos bnei Noah the seven Noahide laws the Holocaust could or would have been prevented. When a Yid hears that the country is going to turn on him it makes him immobile, helpless, mute. This comes from centuries of tortures against the Yidden. So its natural for a Jew to feel that the world is going to collapse around him. I think that our mission now is for Jews to be strong. When a Jew opens him mouth loud and with pride the world listens. Stop with the scare tactics which hurt our nation. Inspire Jews to live live Jews and to finish off our avoda here in the US to bring the Moshiach down here into the world be poel mamash.

just thoughts from a one man who doesn't believe that reading the newspaper headlines will show you the truth of where we are holding.

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April 12, 2010   
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                           
Media Inquiries should be directed to
  Jewish Leaders Urge Community Members to Voice Outrage to Justice Department
  NEW YORK – American Jewish leaders are expressing shock and outrage at the federal government’s recommendation that Sholom Rubashkin be sentenced to life in prison for his role as an executive with the Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. It is the latest example of a prosecution that has repeatedly targeted Rubashkin for unfair treatment compared to others who have been accused of employing illegal immigrants or compromising the security of a bank loan.
Supporters of Sholom Rubashkin are being urged to sign an online petition at the “Justice for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin” Web page at and  call or e-mail Department of Justice Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison (202-514-3465 ; and cc, to protest the recommendations of life in prison for Sholom Rubashkin.
Those interested in  assisting the “Equal Justice for Sholom Rubashkin” campaign, or in receiving   call to action alerts should e-mail their contact info to, or text message ICARE to  347-948-JUST (5878).
Jewish rabbinic leaders have signed a proclamation, urging their Jewish brethren to contact the Justice Department on Rubashkin’s behalf, calling it a “sacred obligation of every individual to participate in this mitzvah.”
The sentencing recommendation submitted by prosecutors to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa is inconsistent with sentencing of other corporate executives convicted in comparable cases. For example, Mark Turkcan, an official First Bank, was recently convicted of bank fraud involving a loss of approximately $35 million, and was sentenced to one year and one day in prison. And Cathy Gieseker was sentenced to nine years in prison for bilking 179 farmers out of more than $27 million. Her motive, unlike Rubashkin and Turkcan, was greed.
Rubashkin was originally indicted for employing illegal immigrants, an offense that has been punished with probation or a short prison term. After seven superseding indictments, prosecutors chose to proceed to trial on alleged bank fraud charges in an effort to increase Rubashkin’s punishment, even though interest was paid on all of the money drawn by the loan and the bank has acknowledged it received approximately $21 million in profit from the interest payments.
The bank loan was not paid in full because of the government’s raid on Agriprocessors, which caused the company to declare bankruptcy. The bank “called” the loan when Agriprocessors could not continue to make its payments. The May 2008 raid included a military style raid and more than 600 federal agents. It was widely criticized for the extreme tactics utilized by prosecutors and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The raid destroyed the company and had disastrous lasting effects on the community of Postville and the kosher meat industry.
Prosecutors and the U.S. Probation Office have calculated the total offense committed by Rubashkin at level 45 under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Because the federal Sentencing Table caps at level 43, the Probation Office has calculated the total offense at level 43. An offense level of 43 is punished with a life sentence under the sentencing guidelines, which the Supreme Court held as no longer mandatory.
 Rubashkin’s attorneys have asked the court to impose a sentence no greater than 72 months, noting his positive history and character, his extraordinary family circumstances, and the arbitrary nature of the now-advisory guidelines used by prosecutors. They emphasize that Rubashkin’s conduct was not done for personal gain, that he did not intend any loss to the bank, and that a 72-month sentence would allow the Bureau of Prisons to place Rubashkin in a facility with experience in effectively and humanely incarcerating observant Jewish inmates.
 In Rubashkin’s bank-fraud trial, prosecutors were allowed to present inflammatory evidence regarding the employment of illegal workers, even though the judge had previously ruled that such evidence would prejudice the jury and had severed the immigration and bank fraud charges for that reason. The charges regarding harboring illegal immigrants were eventually dropped.
Rubashkin supporters argue That prosecutors have subjected Rubashkin to more severe restrictions and potential punishment than other employers whose work premises were raided by ICE and who were found to have hired larger numbers of illegal workers. The country’s largest meatpacker, Swift & Company, was raided in six different states in December 2006, and almost 1,300 illegal immigrants were arrested. No corporate official of Swift & Company has been prosecuted.  RCI, International, a restaurant janitorial service operating in 17 states, was raided in 63 locations in February 2007. Its owners, who paid their employees (all illegal immigrants) in cash, were found to have defrauded the United States of more than $18 million in taxes. Its chief operating officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The owner of a Massachusetts manufacturer of leather goods and handbags raided by ICE in March 2007, when 326 illegal immigrants were arrested, was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.

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Just some thought of mine for a change.

I was speaking with a few friends yesterday. One of them said to me that his roommate gives him doubts in his coming closer to yiddishkeit. He tells him how, can you do Torah and Mitvos if you don't even know why you are doing them? The Torah says not to eat milk and meat together, right?  It says do not cook a young goat in its mothers milk. But what about chicken which doesn't make milk, why can't we eat chicken and milk together? Since you don't know then why are you doing it?

So I told them that not eating chicken and milk together is a Rabbinical prohibition put in in order that we don't come to transgress the Torah prohibition...

But besides that point I said to them, if this guy doesn't do things without first understanding then how can he go on living without knowing the purpose and meaning of life? How can one do anything like wake up in the morning, eating and drinking or working if he doesn't know why and to what end it is all for. Such a life is the life sufficient for an animal but not a human. A human has to know why he is alive. A person must know that it is G-d Amlighty who gives him life and gives him a reason to live in this world. So let us all wake up from this dreamy state of Golus and welcome Moshiah Tzidkenu, today mamash!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lost Generation

The World does not want this to be the lost generation. the world wants Moshiach Now!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sign the petition for Shalom Rubashkin today.

America stands for Justice and the way that Shalom Rubashkin has been treated thus far is the opposite of justice.

Sign the petition for Shalom Rubashkin today.

Sholom with his autistic son, Moishe, 16, and two youngest children – Menucha, 8, and Uziel, 6

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Protection against terrorists - the Rebbe's advice (video)

With so much violence going on around the world, we have to know how to protect ourselves from any harm. Check your teffilin and mezuzos!

We all need to add in deeds of goodness and kindness in order to expel the darkness in the world and to bring Moshiach immediately!