Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Napoleon Hill talks about his meeting with Andrew Carnegie


Here is YOUR ticket to geula, redemption, freedom, ultimate PEACE. This secret has been sealed for thousands of years, only to be revealed now in the time of geula. For the honor of Lag B'Omer coming up next week. The holy Zohar explains, that we have the choice of how to live our lives and we choose our reality. "In the 600th year of the 6th millennium [1840 CE] the supernal gates of wisdom will be opened [the spreading of Zohar, Chasidut and the inner dimension of Torah],
and also the wellsprings of wisdom below [the Industrial Revolution and
technological advances like radio, Boolean Algebra (which led to the
possibility of computers), the locomotive, telephone etc.]. (

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Dovid Chaim said...

Sweet video Sagi. Too busy with work and everything hard to keep up with stuff. Who is this Hill person?