Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Harper on Libby Davies anti-Israeli Comments

World Leaders who support Israel.

Mazel Tov on 150 blog-posts.

A narrow mind - a short story.

There was once a man who was known worldwide as a great magician who could get out of any lock or trap that was set up for him. Great big crowds would gather to see him perform. One day he was offered a big reward to figure out a new trap. He agreed to try. When he got there it looked like a very simple lock to break and he was sure that he would unlock this one also. After an hour of trying he was unable to succeed and had failed at his task. He asked to be able to continue and try to unlock it anyways as there was never a lock that he couldn't figure out. Eventually after trying for a few more hours he gave up and asked that he be let out. They came and with a simple push of the door it swung open for it was never locked to begin with. The man exclaimed that "there was never in my life a lock or a trap that I couldn't get out of, besides the lock that I had made for myself." At times we put ourselves in limitations by imagining constraints and obstacles that do not exist. When we break out of our own narrow thinking and feeling processes then we can take a step toward becoming more free men and women.

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