Monday, October 29, 2012

Super Storm Sandy - God wants us to repent from our evil ways and turn to good.

It is funny to me that as super-storm sandy maker her way through the northeast coast. Toppling trees and taking out power lines you don't see any news about the spiritual causes and meanings behind a storm of this magnitude. It is a very humbling experience to live in an age where we have nature under our control just to have a storm come in and show us who really runs the world. And I don't mean "nature", I mean the One who runs nature. So the real message to America really is to put in bluntly - repent of your evil ways. To say those words has become a crime or something. "Educated" people no longer believe that G-d brings calamities to the world because of people’s behavior. They point to science and say look we know how storm get started, how they strengthen and turn and die down, etc. It's like saying I know how a website gets built. You have to put some html code and you have to host it, etc. and walaa. You have a website. Yes, but look if there was no person behind the website who wanted to present information or sell a product then there would never be any reason for the html code and the graphics and the whole thing wouldn't exist in the first place. The same way G-d can bring a storm for of this magnitude to get people to repent from evil and to turn to good but the technical parts of how it happens can be studied and predicted somewhat as well etc. And of course G-d always has the option of making the storm better or worse as he chooses. As it says about the great flood of Noah at first the rains came down in a way of waters of mercy to give people a last chance to repent and when they didn't they turned into waters of severity and flooded the whole entire world. and looking at this weather map shows a shofar in the eastern part of the country.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012