Thursday, June 20, 2013

the case of the dl

He went to one tonight. A wine tasting. To make wine we crush grapes and the inwardness comes out. Similar when a person drinks wine his inwardness is revealed.
What’s my inwardness I’m frustrated with my situation.

What the way to fight it
with joy and happiness abound.

The case of the driver’s license, it’s a long story and I am not sure if it’s worth telling
to make very short in a few points. I went to the bank and they informed me that my dl in expired.
I decided to get a new license from NY State where I live.
I went once to the wrong office
next time the right office had a two hour wait in line.
I diced to come back the next day late in the afternoon
a few hours later I get a call that my friend is looking at my dl sitting in a store
I must have dropped it there last week and had no idea.
I could have stood in line for nothing. Without it they wouldn’t have given me a NY license so fast.
That evening I went to pick it up from the store. But wait I have the store owners silver cup sitting in my house all these years. I moved into his old place and found it in the apartment. I asked him once if he wants it back and he said yeah. So I took the cup put it in a bag and went to get my license. The guy at the register starts making a scene that it doesn’t look like me and what not. A customer sees me and says I was here when they found your license last Sunday. I said oh good was there anything else lost with it< he said no. that the last time I was there. He said what are the odds that I was here then and I see you here now again? That’s God's hand in the world. I said yeah you’re right or we must both like shopping here a lot, ha ha. He was quite amazed and so was I. so I guess I had to return to the owner his cup and his store had to return to me my license.
What does this story mean, I don’t know. But for some reason it sits well with me.