Thursday, December 21, 2017

Baruch HaTov VeHaMetiv!! Shalom Mordechai goes out from prison!!!

Mazel Tov!!! Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin goes out from prison!!
Now  for the geula Shlema!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New story of Rabbi Gabi Holtzberg. --- Have a great Yom Tov!!!

2017-10-02, 10:43:59 AM: Ariella: I received this message in Hebrew and had to share it with others. Sometimes we just don't know how influential we are...
A story sent by Chani Dunin, sister of Rivki Holtzberg,
 I'll tell you something I've just heard from my husband:

Our Mendi studied in a yeshiva in Netanya, which was located in Hadera, and the structure there is one of the worst you've ever seen, that includes children making traps to catch mice and rats. This resulted in the municipality closing the Yeshiva due to faulty kitchen, etc., and the entire building had already been issued a demolition order.
Then the yeshiva moved to Netanya into the building of another Hassidic group. There, too, there were not good conditions.
From the start, we heard that his Yeshiva was moving to a new building and there was a casting / skeleton, etc.
A few years went by
But no money.
Rabbi Orenstein, Rosh Yeshiva, saved every penny for the new building, and in the middle of last year they entered the new building, even though it was not finished.

In recent days, Rabbi Orenstein has approached three professionals who gave him quotes for the construction of an institutional kitchen. Of course he had chosen the cheapest offer of all.

A person comes full of tattoos and for three days worked non-stop.
When he finished, he said to Rabbi Orenstein: I see that there are many unfinished things in the structure. Ornstein said to him: Yes, when we have money we will get to that, too.
The builder says: What do you care? Let me do this. You saw that I was significantly cheaper than the others.
Good. Rabbi Orenstein gave in.
He worked for a few more days.
Afterwards he presents to Rabbi Orenstein an invoice with NIS 200,000.
Rabbi Orenstein asks:
How many payments can I spread it out?

The young man looks at Rabbi Orenstein for a few minutes in silence, then takes the pen and writes on the invoice:

Rabbi Orenstein does not understand ???
what? Why?
The guy says to him: This is my old debt to Chabad.

And so he says:

As you see me many years ago I lived in India. I was dealing with drugs. I was a successful trader. And I took. One day they caught me. I was condemned to be in prison for very, very long years.
One night I sat in despair in the cell, suddenly the jailer opens the cell and whispers to me you have 2 minutes to get out.
I asked him: What? Why?
Pointed at a man at the end of the corridor and said get out!
I come out and saw a young rabbi whom I do not know, gave me a plane ticket, and told me to get in the taxi. Your flight will soon be flying to Israel and you will not come back here.
I told him: How much to pay you?
He said to me: You do not owe me anything, when the day comes you will return to the Chabad.
Then I knew it was Rabbi Gabi Holtzberg.
And now I am repaying the debt.