Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hey whats there to write about

people who might live in japan for example find life extremely normal i am assuming , but when you or me might go all of a sudden its a big interesting ordeal wow japan so exotic and such. well take pictures and make blogs and discuss it and who knows what else. but there were people there all along who dont really think its so exciting the things youre so fascinated by now all of a sudden like the way they walk or take or congregate or drinking their vodka and oj diff than us. like for example take the guy living in japan and put him here in new york what do you think he'll find interesting they way people behave here and the way people dress and who knows what maybe the empire state building and to you its like pretty normal already.

anyway what am i trying to say, nothing really, i am just thinking fine, the world has its interesting things and diff events happen, and people do seemingly new fun and exciting things, but intrinsically, is there any value to it. what are we getting so excited about? i mean how exciting can it be if for someone else it is meaningless? i am proposing that all excitements of the physical world should be lumped together into a category labeled meaningless of worthless, or at least extremely unimportant and we have to look for a new answer something that we can all agree has meaning, something which is true and deep and everlasting and right and good and proper and right.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

last weeks shabbos flowers, in my brooklyn apartment. beautiful huh?

time zone

just checking
wanted to make sure we are in the eastern time zone and we are.
whole three hour difference from here to the other side of the country.
i wonder if alaska is four hours away, (or five)? anybody know?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a certain fellow would

a certain fellow would wake up and it would take him tens and and tens of minutes to find his shoes, keys, wallet, phone, coat, hat, etc. so he went to a his mentor and he told him that before he goes to sleep he should write down on a note card, the phone is here, the keys are there and so one. for a couple of days it works fine he's up and right on time. one day again, he's late. what happened? they ask him. his shirt he could find his keys he could find but as he was standing at the door ready to leave the house one thing he could not find - himself. who am i he asked himself. where am i? why am i? this he never found.

to be consistent in a changing world is sometimes a challenge. and many times a blessing. some people wear the same type of clothing every day. i try to these days. it is grueling sometimes to do such. a person has different moods. he goes in different environments, he wants to fit in, be left alone, to stand out, make a statement, conform, not conform. and here you are rain or shine, happy or sad. like it or not same outer clothes. same uniform. so i guess i am always ready to do one thing and that is to serve G-d. no matter anything else that's happening either inside or outside me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

going to sleep

the hardest thing about life sometimes is getting to bed on time. then you dont sleep properly, toss and turn and such, and the whole next morning and day is screwed up. before some people go to sleep they think about their day and how to improve tomorrow. i try that sometimes, but it gets to depressing to think about all the lost time and opportunity to have lived life better. oh well, i guess the point is to make the next day more full of life and meaning and goodness and truth and such.
i wish i had a picture to post.

Friday, May 16, 2008

a picture is worth a thousand words

just for the record: the real and final moshiach (messiah) according to me is above. the rebbe. Menachem Mendel Shneerson. picture taken from http://shluchim67rebbe.blogspot.com/.