Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a certain fellow would

a certain fellow would wake up and it would take him tens and and tens of minutes to find his shoes, keys, wallet, phone, coat, hat, etc. so he went to a his mentor and he told him that before he goes to sleep he should write down on a note card, the phone is here, the keys are there and so one. for a couple of days it works fine he's up and right on time. one day again, he's late. what happened? they ask him. his shirt he could find his keys he could find but as he was standing at the door ready to leave the house one thing he could not find - himself. who am i he asked himself. where am i? why am i? this he never found.

to be consistent in a changing world is sometimes a challenge. and many times a blessing. some people wear the same type of clothing every day. i try to these days. it is grueling sometimes to do such. a person has different moods. he goes in different environments, he wants to fit in, be left alone, to stand out, make a statement, conform, not conform. and here you are rain or shine, happy or sad. like it or not same outer clothes. same uniform. so i guess i am always ready to do one thing and that is to serve G-d. no matter anything else that's happening either inside or outside me.

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