Sunday, June 29, 2008

on the verge of a real utopia

what's a fairly young jew supposed to do in the world? we have tried everything and nothing really satisfies us.
communism failed. art failed. so-called 'freedom' makes us feel as slaves to public opinion. partying makes us feel like were are not humans for the time being. making money has to reason onto itself (as a means to an end), it certainly brings no inner peace, just the contrary. consumerism/wealth/rock-star fun can go for a few years, but then breaks your body or kills your soul. (either overdose and die, or get away from it all - with all the inner trauma and unrest remaining). war is bad, but to have peace we have to be willing to fight for it, if we really mean it of course.
so what's a young jew to do? or for that matter what's anyone to do? if there is nothing to live for, to stand for, to fight for then all the other options sound better than nothing.
well there still remains inside us a pure place which thirsts and believes that thing can and will be perfect. the nations will be at peace and not learn war. that all people will have what to eat and drink. that competition and envy among people will end.
and that's only the beginning, because truly we want a world where our soul can shine and feel at home and at peace. where every single day one can feel better and be a better human being. a world where we know and thirst for the very hidden truths of the whole creation.
the jewish people never gave up on believing in such a utopia. in fact, we as a jews believe in the same utopia that the first jew, Abraham, believed in four thousand years ago! we build it by believing in the Almighty G-d and by doing good deeds. many, many good deeds. and of course learning the Torah a few minutes here and there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the meaning of life

i used to search online for entries with the keyword meaning of life and was always very frustrated that nobody knew what the answer is , so naturally i wanted to figure it out for myself and with the help of of heaven, I've pretty much figured it out.
drum roll ................. the meaning of life is.......
to make a dwelling place for the infinite God down here in our finite world. not only in the general world but as well as in our personal worlds our finite minds, and hearts. thereby reveling the Godliness within the mundane world. that's the meaning to all of life ! given to us by the creator of the world, God Almighty. He desired to create a world for reasons known only to him, and he gave the human being the job to show, reveal, uncover and to find God hiding so it were within creation. the more we reveal Him in the world and in our lives the closer we come to fulfilling our personal life purpose and goal. and that ladies and gentlemen is the meaning to Life! there is by the way a practical how to guide but perhaps more about that later in general we just have to do what God wants from us as enumerated in Gods lesson book to human kind the Holy Torah.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

what a world

since moshiach is about to come this is the reason there is so much garbage in the world, the highest revelations moshiach times are being pinned against the lowest of the low. this is how the world works, and what we choose to sponsor is our personal choice.! the world has certain things which are neither high nor low intrinsically speaking i guess. these things like music for example have sparks of holiness in it, we just need to find them and bring them out. its hard to stay away from things which are totally prohibited because we perceive that there are really high sparks of holiness there. but it is a terrible trap. unholy things are totally destructive and we cannot, we dont have the strength to make anything out of them which is productive, for a example a rave where there are men and women dancing together, drugs etc. is completely impossible to make holy. but we have such a strong urge to go. maybe we perceive it as an opportunity to bring unity amongst diff. people and races. or what ever. we could just be attracted because of the good time. which of course turns out to be not such a good time if thought about soberly. its a hard time to live in like i said the highest of the high. like my blog is pinned against the lowest of the low like for example many of the headlines in the Internet news!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hey whats up man

a hard thing about being religious is simply that i cannot do what i want. i cant look at anything i want i cant read anything i want i cant listen to anything i want. i have guidelines. things which are prohibited one hundred percent and things which are prohibited almost one hundred percent. so it makes one thing pretty clear the only thing to do really in this world is to learn about G-d from the Torah and to tell the world about it. and of course to do those mitzvot. its a hard life but someones gotta do it.