Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the meaning of life

i used to search online for entries with the keyword meaning of life and was always very frustrated that nobody knew what the answer is , so naturally i wanted to figure it out for myself and with the help of of heaven, I've pretty much figured it out.
drum roll ................. the meaning of life is.......
to make a dwelling place for the infinite God down here in our finite world. not only in the general world but as well as in our personal worlds our finite minds, and hearts. thereby reveling the Godliness within the mundane world. that's the meaning to all of life ! given to us by the creator of the world, God Almighty. He desired to create a world for reasons known only to him, and he gave the human being the job to show, reveal, uncover and to find God hiding so it were within creation. the more we reveal Him in the world and in our lives the closer we come to fulfilling our personal life purpose and goal. and that ladies and gentlemen is the meaning to Life! there is by the way a practical how to guide but perhaps more about that later in general we just have to do what God wants from us as enumerated in Gods lesson book to human kind the Holy Torah.

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