Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From a Shabbos Geula Dream.

My good friend had a dream about the geula on Shabbos and who doesn't love a good dream about the geula. It went something like this;

He woke up and everything had changed. The people in the streets knew that the world was different but most of them did not understand or know what. The world was more spiritual. you could see the people who had done good shone brightly and those who had done bad were in a darker aura. When one said something holy he felt good and uplifted and when he said something negative he felt great pain. The yidden who kept Torah and Mitzos shone the brightest so naturally the people around perceived that and would gravitate to the yidden to ask them what is going on. Of course the Yidden had to explain that the Moshiach had come!!! The next morning he wasn't sure if he should go to work or not but then realized that he should go as making a living was still important.

This was the gist of the dream as I remember it.

Let's see the real thing soon and then we will have been like dreamers...