Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hey whats up man

a hard thing about being religious is simply that i cannot do what i want. i cant look at anything i want i cant read anything i want i cant listen to anything i want. i have guidelines. things which are prohibited one hundred percent and things which are prohibited almost one hundred percent. so it makes one thing pretty clear the only thing to do really in this world is to learn about G-d from the Torah and to tell the world about it. and of course to do those mitzvot. its a hard life but someones gotta do it.


Anonymous said...

This really helps me a lot right now. I wish I can be observant enough like you.

david chaim said...

don't worry its not as hard as it seems, the main thing is to not get overwhelmed and to take on one thing at a time. just because we cannot do every single mitzva right now doesn't mean that we shouldn't do all the ones we can do. Just dont forget the covana (proper mind set)every mitva brings Moshiach one step closer.