Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just some thought of mine for a change.

I was speaking with a few friends yesterday. One of them said to me that his roommate gives him doubts in his coming closer to yiddishkeit. He tells him how, can you do Torah and Mitvos if you don't even know why you are doing them? The Torah says not to eat milk and meat together, right?  It says do not cook a young goat in its mothers milk. But what about chicken which doesn't make milk, why can't we eat chicken and milk together? Since you don't know then why are you doing it?

So I told them that not eating chicken and milk together is a Rabbinical prohibition put in in order that we don't come to transgress the Torah prohibition...

But besides that point I said to them, if this guy doesn't do things without first understanding then how can he go on living without knowing the purpose and meaning of life? How can one do anything like wake up in the morning, eating and drinking or working if he doesn't know why and to what end it is all for. Such a life is the life sufficient for an animal but not a human. A human has to know why he is alive. A person must know that it is G-d Amlighty who gives him life and gives him a reason to live in this world. So let us all wake up from this dreamy state of Golus and welcome Moshiah Tzidkenu, today mamash!

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