Sunday, July 27, 2008

all those who desire life

the torah mandates that we should have six cities of refuges built where all those who are in danger of their lives can run and have refuge. these days we do not have the physical cities, but we have their conceptual counterparts. the six cities where one can have peace are the six things that we are obligated to do all moments of our lives. for example believing in G-d, loving G-d, Fearing G-d, denouncing idolatry, .. when a person enters into a state of mind and body of being connected to G-d, Torah, and truth he enters into a place of refuge. He escapes the deathly dangers that his soul faces every day in the not yet perfected physical world.
these cities were labeled very clearly and there were sign posts along the way which pointed to the cities. This Way To be Saved!

from the teachings of the Rebbe.
yechi adonenu marenu v'rabenu melech hamoshiach leolam voed.


Rach said...

wonderfully written!!

david gurovich said...

thanks for the comment!