Monday, August 4, 2008

moshiach, world events, trying to write more clearly

its so hard to write new posts for some reason, it takes actual brain stimulation of the sort required when they made you write essays back in high school or college for that matter. but here its a bit different because i feel like i actually want to write, but to find the right words is not an easy thing, because after all someone is actually going to read it, possibly at least.

so the Rebbe, he should be well, gave a prophecy in 1991 that "Behold, here he comes the Moshiach". I could not understand what kind of prophesy is this that here comes Moshiach! Lately I think have a bit of an understanding to the issue. all the events that happened since then and especially now, (since we are standing closer to the final and complete redemption), can be understood particularly well if we see them as events that bring closer the era of moshiach. Or at least as events that are being packed in right before Moshiachs coming. Here comes king moshiach means that first of all he is coming very soon, meaning it is relevant to those who are hearing the message, also it means we have to get ready and we should see that the world is now a world which is changing for the sake of moshiachs coming.

when i was in college i used to read world events and i thought to my self how is it at all possible to have an understand of where the world is going. every week seems like a whole new world already. the only way to see clearly the reality of the situation is w/the knowledge that G-d is changing around world all for the sake of the Jewish people and righteous gentiles that the world be fitting so we go out to greet moshiach. May it happen today.

what this means practically would take a long time to explain and talk about but, in a nut shell we all have to get closer to G-d and truth and goodness and kindness by learning Torah, halacha, nigla and especially chassidus from the Rebbe, because he is the one who pushed and is pushing the whole world and will soon lead us out to the true and complete redemption.

Yechi Hamelech HaMoshiach!!! Leolam Voed.

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