Friday, September 5, 2008

A Poem

a poem by my good friend Gregory currently residing in the beautiful state of Colorado...

This was somewhat inspired by a certain Chabadnik we both know. It says in the Talmud somewhere that a man should find a Rav and learn from him. Shabbat Shalom.


06/07/08, 2:45 AM
One Man's Happiness

He's coming home, the work is done for now
An average little house whose worth cannot be measured
Because there's more to life than wealth
No car, no big TV can equal happiness
True happiness is found in family

The door swings open and he sees her there
A wife whose smile is warmer than the sun
Whose love is without limits
Remember that she works as hard as you
And do not ever take this love for granted

He sees his child crawling on the floor
A little girl too young to stand alone
Her babble rarely forms a sentence
But her laughter fills the house
She hears a melody and falls asleep
Just like an angel ...

I pray to God that I can be this man
That there will come a day my searching will be over
That I survive these trying times and find a better world
Where honor and hard work are worth a damn
And men will prove that they are men by not running away
That I willl care about much more than just myself
That I will find a love that is worth keeping.

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