Monday, March 9, 2009

short Purim post about the Megilla and what i think it means about Moshiach

i heard a word from a mashpia one time, i don't remember how it went for sure - so don't take this one too seriously i dont know how one hundred percent it is but this is what i remember and a few of my own thoughts on it concerning Moshiach!; if you hear the megillah out of order (last part first and then first part last) you are have not fulfilled the obligation. meaning what? meaning that G-d runs our lives, and the world. so each and every day and moment is from his Divine Providence. We have to see every event in the Megilla, even when it looks like its for the worst as part of G-d's plan to free His people. If a person comes along and waits until the good times have come, until he is out of his troubles, until Moshiach has arrived fully and only then he says "aha now i see G-d's hand in creation - such a person is not otzi - he hasn't fulfilled his obligation to believe in G-d's perfect providence as in extends to each and every person. Each and every day G-d does miracles for us and we should see it as it is happening. Same way many people are waiting for Moshiach's full revelation in the world, with the Bais HaMikdosh, and the return of all the exiles etc. and only then they claim "I'll believe in Moshiach"!

Comes along the Rebbe and says open your eyes, the Moshiach is already here now! If you recognize him later when you have no choice, in a small manner you haven't really fulfilled your obligation.

Happy Purim everybody!!!

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