Saturday, November 21, 2009

A great newly heard Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg story.

A great new Holtzberg story was heard recently from the shliach who took over the Chabad House for the Holtzbergs. A woman asked the Holtzberg for help, she had been asking her estranged husband for a get (bill of divorce) for 20 or 25 years and he wouldn't give one. The man was living in India. He was living in a very far away place in India which was very hard to get to. So Rabbi Gavriel  Holtzberg went with another man to find the man. They traveled for many hours and it was hard to get it and they had to walk for a while. They got to a place which was well secured and finally found the place where the the man was whom they were looking for. They came in and the man pointed a gun straight at them and said that he knows why they are here and that its not going to happen. Holtzbergs friend found a way to run away from the man. Holtzberg stood there without moving and said back to the man with the gun the story of the Freidecher Rebbe when he was in prison. This gun he said can scare a person who believes in one world and in many gods but not one who who believes in two worlds and one G-d. The man was very impressed and after speaking more with Rabbi Holtzbers he eventually signed the get.
The new shliach also commented that Rabbi Holtzber's shoes are not easy shoes to fill.

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the sabra said...

Wow, thanks for sharing!
That is mind-boggling that he responded that way. The Rebbe way. Wow wow wow. Thanks again.

(And thanks to Rafi G-came here via his LifeInIsrael blog)