Monday, January 25, 2010

Yud Shevat

Yud Alef Shevat the Rebbe took on the position of Rebbe officially in 1951. The Rebbe came late to the farbrengen to 770 which was very unusual. He had spent the time with his mother Rebbetzin Chana. The Rebbe said a few sichos until a chosid stood up on a table and demanded that the Rebbe say a maimar. So the Rebbe calmed him and started with The Friedeker Rebbe's maimer that he had prepared for yud Shevat.. Basi Legani .. And then the Rebbe started Basi Legani Ahosi Kala.. After the first ois they sang negunim and the chosid Rabbi Nemtzov stood up and said a loud shechianu to which all answered a loud amen.

We are the seventh generation. Therefore it has fallen into our hands to bring down God's presence into the physical world. All sevenths are beloved by Hashem not because of their great service or greatness but simply because they are the seventh from the first. And so it is with us the seventh generation of Chabad Rebbeim. May the Rebbe lead us out of Golus now.

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