Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two great stories of the Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka that were heard recently

The Rebbetzin, Chaya Mushka enjoyed flowers all her life. When it came to be her and the Rebbe's 50th wedding anniversary Nishei Chabad sent a big bouquet of flowers to the Rebbetzin and included with the flowers a card addressed to her with requests for blessing for women who were married but weren't able to have children yet and were asking for brorchos for children. They brought the flowers to the Rebbetzin and took out the card to take to the Rebbe. The Rebbe looked at the card and when he saw that it was addressed to the Rebbetzin he said “this is addressed to my wife please take it to her” The man, Mr. Halberstam said that these were requests for blessings. So the Rebbe said, “she too can bless”. Then the Rebbe said further that Chassidus explains that there are two kinds of light, memale kol almin and soviv kol almin, a light that fills the worlds and a light that “surrounds” the worlds. When the Rebbe blesses his blessing are a level of memale and a person has to do something in this world like a good deed in order to get those blessing to manifest in this world. When the Rebbetzin blesses her blessings are on a level of sovev and when she blesses a person does not even have to do anything and the blessings materialize in the world.

The first story might help us to understand the second story.

There was a lady who lived in Crown Heights above the old Albany Bakery and she realized that every morning at the same time a car would pull up to the bakery with the Rebbetzin in and her driver. The driver would park, come out of the car into the bakery and buy bread and pastries probably for the Rebbe. The lady lived above the bakery and when she had guests over at her apartment she would close the blinds or divert them away from the windows in order not to disturb the Rebbetzin. One day a lady came over who had been married for eight years without having been blessed with children. So the lady of the house said “I usually don't do this but this is an exceptional case” she told her to go outside and stand on the sidewalk where the Rebbetzin's car would arrive shortly. The Rebbetzin's car pulled up and the Rebbetzin opened the window slightly and gave a glance at the young lady who had positioned herself next to the Rebbetzin's window. Nine months later the lady gave birth to a beautiful baby.

These stories were heard in numerous places including from Yosef Paltiel's shiurim, check them out at