Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Has America Lost its Soul?

There are more and more stories coming out each day that The Great American Empire has reached its' peak and is now all of a sudden on the verge of collapse. How did we get to this point one may ask? Well, with the advent of new technologies and a much faster world, the country has lost its' sense of morality and the values that it was built on. In the eighties, nineties and the early zeros we jumped from making money - and lots of it - to forgetting right from wrong and left from right altogether. Lying lawyers. Cheating businessmen became the status quo. We went from internet bubbles to mortgage bubbles. Now we realize that there is no more cheating and lying that can save us. We have a huge debt on the books and people want to know, "how does one go about making an honest living like people used to?" How do we build a country with wholesome family values. Where children are taught right from wrong? We have to rebuild this nation anew. Who will show us the way? I think Sarah Palin had one good idea. Lets use this countries' great G-d given natural resources. We will make energy, hire many people with different types of jobs. We will not send out jobs to China and India; we will hire people who live here in America. Let's go back to making things that last and not things which are cheap, made in other countries and are worth little and break fast. There are many things to work on. The world is ready to live a G-dly life. We just need young people and old to realize that the world is ready to live a Moshiach reality.

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