Sunday, November 8, 2015

Did the Rebbe say that he is the Moshiach?

Many people for erroneous reasons I think ask whether the Rebbe declared himself as the Moshiach. I don't believe that we wait for a Messianic candidate to declare himself as the Moshiach as the mitzva to appoint a king falls on the Jewish People and not on the king himself. However there were many hints given to the people whether doing so is the right thing to do. Here is an occurrence that has come to light again due to a recent court case so it has been recorded in the lower courts as well now.

During Rabbi Groner’s testimony, he was asked whether using the title “Melech HaMoshiach” was ever authorized, or allowed, by the Rebbe to be used in the Rebbe’s Seforim. This after noting that some Seforim bear that title, such as the Lekutei Sichos and “Bsuras Hageulah”.
Rabbi Groner responded that he once entered the Rebbe’s room and expressly asked whether they may use the title, and the Rebbe consented. Afterwards, he read for the Rebbe the exact wording of the title page of “Besuras Hageulah” which states Melech HaMoshiach after the Rebbe’s name, and asked whether that may be printed, and the Rebbe nodded his holy head in the affirmative.

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Why the Rebbe never came out point blank to say, "I am Moshiach" is a question any Chabad chassid would normally ask. Here's my own answer to this question: