Monday, June 6, 2016

of monkeys and men.

it's hard to believe the confusion of the country. the zoo does the moral thing and kills a monkey to ensure the safety of a little boy and there are those who doubt that this was the right and moral choice. this is what happens when morality is relative and subject to the fad of the hour. the monkey in fact is a creation of the Almighty. he may be a majestic, wondrous creature but he's an animal. he will always remain an animal. a human on the other hand was created in the image of G-d Almighty. With a soul and the freedom to make moral choices. non believers are making a big noise recently about the their belief system. but what belief system do they have already. they just deny the beliefs of others and offer no purpose or reason for being of their own. their beliefs can only exist as they feed of the beliefs of others but they are totally empty of any meaning on to themselves. now we see clearly what it leads to, those who are so happy to put a human child's life into mortal danger to save the life of a monkey.


in the vanguard said...

I confess I disagree with you.
Looked to me the ape didn't hurt the child. Yes it dragged the child through water twice, and that looked horrible - but no real harm came from it to the child.
I couldn't simply dismiss צער בעל חיים here, even though it may have been a close call.
Anyhow, I felt sorry the animal was slain so soon.
Had it been a Muslim terrorist that seemed "neutralized", yet he moved, I'd have pumped him full of lead too, however. צער בעל חיים applies to good animals, not those perverted by their culture to be evil.

Dovid Chaim said...

Thank you very much for your comments, I am not expert in the laws of tza'ar ba'alei chaim but what pain would the animal suffer in this case?

here is a nice article;