Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moshiach Flag on Front Page of Washington Times

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The source for having flags in the Chumash is in last weeks parsha Bamidbar.

Chumash with Rashi for Bamidbar
Numbers 1:1-4:20
2. The children of Israel shall encamp each man by his division with the flag staffs of their fathers' house; some distance from the Tent of Meeting they shall encamp.

with the flag staffs: Heb. בְאֹתֹת. Every division shall have its own flag staff, with a colored flag hanging on it; the color of one being different from the color of any other. The color of each one was like the hue of its stone, set in the choshen [worn by the Kohen Gadol], and in this way, everyone could recognize his division. Another explanation: with the signs

About the picture (taken during parsha Bamidbar).
Matisyahu Devlin wrapped Tefillin on the leader of the pro-palestine group after the leader admitted he was Jewish. The whole group then disbanded.  

The Washinton D.C. S.W.A.T. Team now has a Moshiach Flag in their headquarters.
A SWAT member who is a flag collector said it was the greatest flag he ever saw so he took it to put up in the office. An interesting thing that happened was that the SWAT team took away all the other flags and such because the long poles are potentially dangerous, the only flag that for what ever reason was left, was the huge Moshiach flag.

Moshiach Now!!! And a Good Week everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful

rockindrummer726 said...

thank you for posting one of my several stories from washington. we must continue to spead light to the whole world, to both the Jews and goyim. we should all be in Eretz Israel today momish! MOSHIACH NOW!