Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When will the Prophet Eliyahu come to announce the redemption?

The prophet Eliyahu is supposed to come before the redemption and announce that tomorrow Moshiach is coming! So if today I didn't hear his voice making this announcement, does this then mean that Moshiach cannot come tomorrow? This seems as a contradiction to the fact that we have to await every day for Moshiachs' coming.

The Rebbe says an unbelievable thing in a sicha parhas Brocha 5751:

Eliyahu HaNovi literally comes every single day to Tiveria (Tiberias) and announces that tomorrow Moshiach will come. And if a person is holding on the right level then he will hear his voice.
Therefore, there is no contradiction that some or most people haven't yet heard Eliyahu's voice, nevertheless, Moshiach can come any and every day!

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