Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is the proof of God's existence?

Just think of the chutzpa of the world denying God's presence in the world. What is the one thing that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that God - Almighty exists? The fact that the all of the Jewish Nation from the youngest to the oldest stood at Mount Sinai and experienced and thereby witnessed an unprecedented Godly revelation. Each and every Jewish person who was there was able to point with his finger and day there is God, He spoke to me, and commanded me in the Torah and its commandments. Case closed. The event occurred. Nothing to argue with, The Torah itself which records this event is the proof of the events existence. The fact is if it hadn't have happened it would be impossible to invent such a story as is known that you can invent an event that one or a few people claim to have seen but you cannot invent one that a whole Nation consisting of many hundreds of thousands and millions of people have experienced.

So there we have it, looking at the Torah a person could say this is so Godly and so beyond my understanding that it’s obviously made by a

Super- Being and it does seem that way, but there is still a small doubt that remains for perhaps whoever has written is was in fact just way above my understanding but still not God, heaven forbid. But, when we consider what really occurred that every one of the Jewish people actually experienced this event and witnessed it and has been teaching it to his and her children ever since we have to say that whomever denies the revelation at Sinai and thereby God, is simply living in a delusion and a fog and denying the simple truth.

So let us all ponder on this turn off our television sets, throw out the garbage from our lives and accept the One and Only truth of Hashem's Unity.

Have a great day and tell us what you think.

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