Sunday, January 15, 2012

How will it be when he comes?

Or maybe one day we will all wake up put on our pants and shoes, say our morning brochas, eat our danish and drink our coffees turn on our i pads to find out that  look Moshiach has come to 770 and has redeemed us all. And that nothing of our perception has changed. Not because Moshiach hasn't brought peace to the world but because we have already achieved it by our own efforts. Maybe one little mitzva is all that it takes to transform the world to complete light and who will be the lucky one to perform that one mitzva?

They tell a story that chasidim were sitting and learning in 770 when one of them stopped and asked what will it be like when Moshiach comes? They did not notice that the Rebbe had opened the door and was standing there when the Rebbe answered it will be exactly like this!

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in the vanguard said...

The two ways he can come are: If we are deserving, or the opposite.

The latter are expressed as halachot in Rambam; The former, may it be now, if we are deserving.