Monday, January 23, 2012

A mitzva or the opposite of a mitzva?

Once was a chosid who would wake up early and take his young boy to brake the ice in the morning to dunk himself and his boychik in the cold lake as a mikva. One moring it was very cold, so his son was making sounds to fight off the cold, he would say oy oy oy. Then he  dunked him in the mikva, came out and his father put the warm blanket around his child and the boy said aaaaah!
The chosid remarked, my boy let this be a lesson in life, if what you're doing is mitzva then the oy comes before the aaaaah. And if what you're doing is the opposite of a mitzva then the aaaah comes first and then comes the oy oy oy, what did it do..?


in the vanguard said...

Great lesson!

in the vanguard said...

I just read this great story and wanted to leave a comment, when, lo and behold, it was I who commented previously. Some memory I got! Anyhow, may all your endeavors proceed by preceding ah's with oy's.