Friday, September 18, 2009

A generation completely righteous or completely not righteous.

i heard a nice vort the other day. it says somewhere that Moshiach will come in a generation which is completely righteous or a generation that is completer wicked. so the question is how can Moshiach come now its not completely to one side either way.

So really you can say that if you compare us to the past generations we are completely wicked. Our learning compared to them is nothing. Our good acts are self motivated. Our davening is superficial and so on and so forth. And behlal look at whats going on out there with the hefker velt attitudes.

On the other hand look at how the world is. And look at how much troubles and pains the Yidden have gone truth rahmona litzlan and besides it all look at us! We are davening and learning and going out on Mivztoim to bring fellow yidden closer to Torah and Mitzvos. So when we look at at in this way we see that in reality every Jew is completely righteous and meritorious and Moshiach can come right now problem

This was based on a teshuva of Rav Moshe Feinstein ztl.

Every Jew and non Jew should be blessed for a Good and Sweet year, and we should have the main blessing of the complete revelation of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach!!!

Yechi Adonenu Marenu Vrabenu Melech Hamoshiach Leolam Voed.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find this teshuva of Rav Feinstein?

L'shana Tova!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dovid Chaim,

what is the source of this teshuva?

david chaim said...

You can find it on a shiur called Moshiach by Rabbi M. Gluckowsky it's 18 minutes 30 seconds into the shiur.

link here