Monday, September 7, 2009

May the Real Moshiach Please Stand Up.

I heard a conversation recently between two friends. One said that President Obama is ruining the economy and the country, and turning America into a dictatorship. The other said look at the bright side: the American people were fooled into voting for him because they expected him to be the Messiah. Well he's not exactly the Messiah but that's why the American people voted for him. America is ready for the real Messiah to come, they just don't know exactly who he is yet so they were fooled into thinking that the President of America could be Moshiach. Anyhow, President Obama promised change and hope and basically redemption from the old worldly culture.
All this shows that the world is one small good deed away from the real redemption, so may the real Moshiach please stand up.

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