Friday, September 25, 2009

A sheep is safe amongst seventy wolves - the sheep has a Mighty Sheperd.

It's curious to me that i find on the blogosphere (and not really anywhere else) talks that there will be a destruction of Jewry especially in America G-d forbid. I think that this line of thinking is a tremendous mistake. The non-Jews in America are in the geder of the righteous amongst the nations of the world. They support and uphold justice, fight evil, give more to charity than other nations. I think that these thoughts about the opposite of good in America is a total misrepresentation of the facts on the ground. There has been no oppression or signs of oppression towards Jews, G-d should protect us always from such things.

It seems to me that the reason why a Jew might feel this way is because Jews are accustomed to feel that they are in exile and oppressed and that we must look over our shoulders to make sure no enemy is coming from behind.

The reality is that the nations of the world are ready for the imminent redemption and are simply waiting for us Yidden to open our mouth and tell them that the redemption has arrived. So the world stands ready for geuala and we are still looking around and feeling that we are in exile. It is my belief that fears over our safety, Hashem saves us from such thoughts is coming from a deep inner and a personal golus. A golus heart, a golus mind and a golus mentality.

Wake up yidden and realize that the world is not what it was, is not what it used to be and it's not going back to the old world order. You are living in the days of the redemption and no evil will ever befall the Jews, for God is with us and we shall not fear.

The same holds by the land of Israel, as soon as Jews decide to open their mouths and declare to the world that Israel is a Holy Land and it belong to Jews and that we are ready to defend it with our military might, the nations will have no more claims against us. The claims only come when we are ready to negotiate. But the land is not something which is negotiable, it is G-d's gift to the Jewish people.

I have seen that under American presidents who are very "pro Israel" and American Presidents who are not so "pro Isreal", Isreal acts the same way. Meaning it doesn't help Israel what the American president thinks. The only thing that can help Israel is what the Yidden in Isreal and all over think and what Israel's politicians speak and put in as policy in Isreal.

We should all have a gmar chasima tova and celebrate Yom Kuppur with The Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech Ha Moshiach in Jerusalem.

This is a picture of 770 Eastern Parkway, Beis Rabbenu in exile.

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