Thursday, October 21, 2010

Call to Action Promo to bring Moshiach.

Call to Action Promo from Mark Dunn on Vimeo.

Videos by our friend Moshe Dunn. Make a difference in others lives and change the world for good by helping to bring Moshiach.

There are young people all over the world working day and night to spread light over the universe in order to inspire others to do more Torah and Mitzvos and acts of Love and Kindness. Lets join by doing more acts of goodness today and Moshiach will surely come immediately. When we do a good act it lifts us up from our current standing and lifts us up to a newer and higher realm of existence. Each individual act inspires others and spreads like a nuclear reaction all across the globe.

Moshaich Now and have a great day.

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smb said...

Baruch Hashem there are many oppertunities, like the partners in torah organization, and shabbos hospitality around the world