Friday, October 22, 2010

So You Want to Go to Law School?

This funny video talks about some of the realities of working in the field of law in our days in America. Many youths truly want to change the world for good. It is difficult when the system that is set up encourages lies and deception. Shalom Morduchai HaLevi Rubashkin is siting in jail because the failure of the justice system. While the guy who pulled the emergency slide out on the jet blue plane gets off with one probation and an anger management course and a payment for damages to the plane.

It says that the Seal of God is Truth. In the first line of the Torah "Bereshis Boro Elokim" the last three letters of each word make up G-d's seal. Tov Alef and Mem make up the word Emes. And for those who love the Lubavicher Rebbe is also stand for Toras Menahem Emes and Toras Menahem Ohr.

Everyone should have a wonderful Shabbos.

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