Wednesday, February 4, 2009

great new story from Holtzberg h.y.d.

Yesterday I heard a story from a good friend about Rabbi Holtzberg h.y.d., the shliach in Mumbai (Bombay), India. He came to his uncle in a dream and asked him, why aren't you dancing in the streets? since all the signs of Moshiach are here, you should be dancing in the streets!

this is what I heard from a friend.

time to start dancing! it's not so easy to dance when every one is sleeping, huh?

I checked with my source of the story again today feb 18th, he said that Gavriel Noah Holtzberg h.y.d. told his uncle why aren't you dancing in the streets? Moshiach is already here! ...

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Anonymous said...

Every Jew sees me yet passes by, never tipping his hat for it covers his eyes.