Monday, February 9, 2009

A hero for our times - another Holtzberg story you'll love!

Okay, since so many people got interested in the last Rabbi Holtzberg h.y.d. story, I'll post one more that many probably have not heard yet. This story was given over in 770 during the last hei teves farbrengen by Rabbi Shalom Jacobson. A close friend of Rabbi Holtzberg asked him after he went on shlichus, how much money it will take to buy a building for a Chabad House in Mumbai(Bombay). He told him that in India it is impossible for a foreigner to get a mortgage and the only option was to pay in cash, a sum in the millions of dollars! His friend told him such an amount you have to fundraise, hire help, etc. Such a thing could take many years! Holtzberg replied to him "We don't have the time for all of that" Moshiach is Coming Now!

May it be today!!!

Yechi HaMelech!


Neshama said...

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david chaim said...

thank you. gut voch. Moshiach Now!