Wednesday, February 25, 2009

one who has found a wife has found good

they tell a story that the great sages would stand outside the city where the new grooms to be would be escorted to their wedding canopy. there the man would marry his new wife. on the way the sages would tell his if you have found your wife you have found goodness and if you haven't then life will be a living nightmare for you. comes a question, why are the sages telling the groom right before he marries his new wife that if he found a wife then he has found goodness?

The answer goes... that the sages are talking about after the marriage has taking place. If the man looks at his new wife and says I have found my wife, then he has found goodness. But if, even after his marriage he is still wondering, maybe it should have been this one, or maybe that one or it could have been like this or it could have been like that, then he has not found any good and life will be a living torment.

Maybe everybody be meritorious that with G-d's kindness and his and her own hard efforts we shall all be blessed with wonderful and peaceful home.


Devorah said...

very nice!

david chaim said...

thank you for the encouragement.