Saturday, February 28, 2009

the power of being happy and joyous

everybody should be blessed with a good week.

a certain group of chassidim in Russia were incarcerated in a jail cell there was also a chabad chosid in the cell jailed for "crimes" against the govt or whatever. . the jail guard was a very strict and evil man who made all the prisoners sit quietly and would scream, warn and then beat the prisoners if they made any noise. this group of chassidim came in and started singing and acting very joyously and lively. the guard came warned them sternly and as soon as he left a few feet the chassidim started again with their song. the guard came back right away, opened the jail cell and told them "all of you get out of my jail immediately". later the chabadnik was released and met up with one of the chassidim room the group and asked him what happened? how did you know to do that? the chosid replied to him it says in a verse ki besimcho tezeu - with joy you will go out! so we knew that by being really happy we would be let out of jail so were full of joy and that's what got us out.

and so may it be with us that G-d should take all of us out of exile and with joy and happiness and heads held up high we will go out to redemption.

when ever we meet a tough time we must remember that joy will get us out especially in the joyous month of Adar, when the Torah says we must increase in simcha, joy and happiness.

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Anonymous said...

misheh nichnas adar marbim b'simcha:)